Affordable Foam Mattresses

Affordable Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses were priced incredibly high when the technology was first developed.  This new technology’s price was a large barrier to entry for new consumers. Luckily for new consumers prices are lower than ever and we carry hundreds of foam mattresses on our website at much better prices than our competitors.

The advantages of memory foam are extensive including providing a more restful and comfortable sleep.  The foam used in these mattresses was first developed by NASA in the 1960’s for use in the space shuttle.  When pressure is applied to the foam, the foam conforms itself through weight and heat.  When a person lies down on it the foam will hold and push against the body in specific spots.  This allows the body to align properly on the mattress.469594911

This alignment allows memory foam mattresses to relieve back and shoulder pain creating what many consider to be the biggest advantage of foam mattresses, a better night’s sleep.   Medical experts all over the world agree that a person should obtain at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night.  A full night’s sleep heals your body and keeps your mind sharp and alert.  Every morning you can wake up feeling refreshed for work.

Our website contains dozens and dozens of memory foam mattresses.  You can view each mattress’s specifications and reviews to find your perfect match.  We highly recommend the iComfort series!  Its award winning design and reputation certainly stand out from the others.

Whichever mattress you decide on, you can be sure you won’t go wrong at the biggest mattress retailer in Texas!  We look forward to doing business with you as much as you’re looking forward to a restful night’s sleep.

by admin March 21, 2015