Pet-Proofing Your Bed

We love our pets, and there’s nothing better than snuggling up with Fifi or Fido at the end of the day. But they tend to bring with them more than just fluffiness and love; they can introduce bugs, dirt, allergens, and stray furs into your peaceful sleep sanctuary. You also risk damage to your bed from scratching, clawing and chewing. Luckily, there are a few ways you can protect your mattresses while still having your four-legged friends around for a long time.


There is a problem, with cats especially, of pets clawing and scratching the edges of your mattress. If declawing your cat is not an option, there are several methods of protecting your furniture for not much money. Here are a few simple and inexpensive materials you can use to protect the sides of your bed:

  • Tin Foil – Pets can’t stand the rustling sound and will avoid the area it covers
  • Double-Sided Tape – Makes for an uncomfortable place for your pets to hang around
  • Press and Seal Saran Wrap – Is inexpensive, and applies easily.
  • Orange Peels – Cats can’t stand the smell, but may not be the answer for the bed your regularly sleep in. Perhaps guest beds or other furniture in your house?

Not only do these protect the surface, but they may also have the added benefit of keeping your pets away from the bed altogether.


The biggest obstacle to overcome is your pet’s learned behavior. Once you let them on the bed, they recognize it as acceptable behavior, and have no reason to stop. This behavior has to be broken if you want to be at all successful at keeping them away.

To your pet, sleeping on the bed is a matter of where they stand in the household. It’s not just one thing they’re allowed to do, but rather is symbolic of their place in the hierarchy, and can’t so easily be broken. Make it plain to them that you are the master of the house, and that the bed is your domain. Don’t scold them too harshly, however, but quietly and firmly discourage them from getting on the bed when you don’t want them there.

Don't let this happen to you!


If your pet isn’t allowed to sleep in your bed, then they’re going to need a bed of their own. Everyone needs their own special place after all, even animals. You can find all sorts of pet beds for sale at pet stores, or make a bed out of old or unused bedding of your own. Cats enjoy being high up (another reason they may prefer your bed), so find something elevated that they can rest on. It helps to make one designated area for your pet, so try placing some of their toys around their new bed. For cats, provide a scratching post to serve as a replacement for your bed.

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by admin May 3, 2013