Could Groundhogs Across America Be Snuggling in for a Longer Winter?

The days are counting down until February 2nd!  If you’re not familiar with the date, it’s Ground Hog Day!  We’ll find out whether winter will last longer this year – and hopefully not!  Even if we’re unlucky and winter continue more into the year, you can still hibernate well into spring with a new mattress from Mattresses For Less.

Our Comforpedic IQ line is ideal for a great night’s sleep.  This mattress has a softer feel specifically to increase the comfort of side sleepers.  Back support is a crucial feature of this mattress as well as the AirCoil memory foam and Coil Gauge.  The Comforpedic iQ 175 is an ideal mattress since it adapts to the way you sleep.1

A new mattress will energize you for the workday and stay warm in bed on those chilly Saturday mornings.  We like to think that Punxsutawney Phil would have to agree! Especially if he’s going to be hibernating for longer.  We may even have to send him a single mattress just in case.

Sleep soundly with your new mattress and If you order your mattress today.  We’ll deliver it to you so you can sleep on it tonight. Mattresses For Less remains the best option for new mattresses in Houston with an unmatched selection and prices.  We take pride in giving our Houston neighbors great sleep.

Recycle Your Old Mattress

The days of your old broken mattress going to the landfill are over.  In fact, 90% of any mattress can be recycled and reused.  Recycling mattresses saves taxpayers money, leads to a better environment, and makes you a reputable citizen.  Different companies can use the materials in bulk for different products that you could see around your home or city.1

You can either drop the mattress off to a designated recycling area or have a company pick it up for you.  Even broken and stained mattresses can be recycled.  Each piece of the mattress benefits a different business or industry.  Its small details like these that help keep local and state level economies healthy and moving.
We have special queen sized mattresses for only $399 and a wide assortment of mattresses ranging in different brands, size, and comfort level all at the best prices.  You will be sure to find your perfect mattress at Mattresses For Less. We have the largest selection of mattresses in Texas!
It may be surprising but the fabrics, foam, innersprings, and foundation are all recyclable.  Each one of these pieces heads off to be used in other products for commercial or industrial use.  Once you properly recycled your old mattresses were guessing you’re in the market for a new one!