Try Out a Serta Mattress!

Mattresses For Less is proud to be a distributor and reseller of Serta Mattresses. These are the top quality mattresses that many people are looking for. Serta makes their products from high quality fabric and memory foam composites. With the combination of your feedback and new advancements in sleeping solutions, our mattresses are better than ever.

Serta Mattresses are back by a 30 day trial guarantee. If you do not like your mattress after 30 days of sleeping on t, we will refund you 100% of your purchase. We know that we all spend one third of our life in a bed, which is why we want you to be satisfied. We are here to offer you a wonderful product back with amazing guarantees. We are confident in our product, which is why we offer things like this. We know that our customers will do right by us when we do right by them.

If you’re curious about what else this great company has to offer, stop into Mattresses For Less. One of our skilled and enthusiastic representatives will be more than happy to discuss your concerns with you – everything from mattress comfort level to questions about a Serta mattress sale. So please print out a FREE online coupon and come in today!

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Serta iComfort Insight Mattress

When you are looking for the best in sleep comfort, the Serta iComfort Insight is in a league of its own.


Mattresses For Less has 5 Houston, Texas locations with one of the largest selections of mattresses in Texas bent on bringing you the lowest prices on comfort. The Serta iComfort Insight has a unique advantages with the Cool Action Gel Memory Foam.

Advantage One: Sleep Cooler

It allows you to sleep cooler (which is much needed in this Gulf Coast Climate) with gel infused memory foam. Ordinary memory foam has closed cells that can trap heat for an extended period of time.

Check out this graph that shows how quickly the Cool Action Gel Memory foam rids itself of heat when compared to ordinary memory foam. See the difference?

Advantage Two: More Support

Our bodies need proper support and alignment that will allow our muscles to relax throughout the night. When compressed with body weight, ordinary memory foam doesn’t always provide maximum support. That is not the case with MicroSupport Gel beads. They gather under pressure points to disperse the pressure and provide extra support where you need it most.

Check out this graph showing the difference in support provided by ordinary memory foam compared to the MicroSupport Gel. See the difference?

Advantage Three: Unchanging Comfort

Ordinary memory foam can be affected by ambient room temperature. Again, that is not the case with the Cool Action Gel Memory Foam of the iComfort Insight. In a test where the temperatures were lowered the Serta iComfort Insight responded with unwavering support and while the ordinary memory foam became dense and tough.

Check out this picture of the test where a weight was placed on the two cooled memory foam mattresses. See the difference?

So, if you are looking for a memory foam mattress that is going to exceed expectations and provide a cool, supportive, unwavering comfortable nights sleep, look no further than the Serta iComfort Insight from Mattresses For Less.

New Serta Branded Mattresses!

Mattress For Less is located in Texas. We have 5 locations throughout the state to accommodate as many customers as we can. Mattress For Less has recently launched a few new products in our Serta Brand. We are now offering 3 brand new series that will be sure to put you to sleep as fast as a lightning bolt. Some of the new items are the iComfort series mattresses, Perfect Sleeper Mattresses, and the Serta Brand Series Mattresses. All of these items offer top quality craftsmanship as well as being able to offer you a fully rested sleep.

Serta Brand Mattresses are made for durability and are meant to last many years. We also offer a free in home trial period. If you do not like your mattress after 100 days we will refund you the entire purchase price. This is our guarantee to you that you will enjoy your new mattress to the fullest.

If you are looking to purchase a new mattress in the Houston, Texas area soon, then come on in to Mattress For Less. We have one of the largest selections of mattresses and beds in the greater Houston area. We are always here to aid you in your mattress needs. Get your FREE estimate today!

Mattresses For Less Guarantees!

Here at Mattresses for Less, we offer a 110% price guarantee! That means if you find one of our mattresses cheaper somewhere else, we will refund your purchase by 110%! This is the best guarantee anyone has ever offered for a mattress. So come in today to take a look at our vast array of mattresses. We have mattresses from all sorts of brands, such as:

  • Simmons Mattress
  • Serta Mattress
  • Restonic Mattress
  • Spring Air Mattress

We are now also offering a 100 day total satisfaction comfort guarantee. This is the perfect type of guarantee to allow you to make sure the item you purchased will fit your needs in the long run. These types of guarantees cannot be found anywhere other than at Mattresses for Less. We are you premier dealer of high quality mattress at the lowest price. Come check out the rest of our great selection!