The Many Uses of Memory Foam

Whenever it is mentioned that memory foam was designed by NASA, the image that seems to come to mind is an astronaut sleeping comfortably on a memory foam mattress while orbiting earth in a space station. But, upon some quick research, one will realize that the astronauts never slept on memory foam in space, but instead it was used in the cushions of their seats to absorb the impact of the extreme gravity during takeoff and landing. The creators of memory foam merely realized the potential for the springy foam material and included NASA in their marketing efforts in order to appear high-tech and futuristic. Knowing this, one can’t help but wonder what else we don’t know about this springy substance. What other uses are there for this innovative material?

Medical Uses

When patients in hospitals are forced to be immobile in bed for extended periods of time, regular hospital beds would often cause complications. The rigidness of an average mattress, when laid upon for a lengthy frame of time, would cause bedsores and even gangrene in patients. The introduction of memory foam mattresses into hospitals significantly reduced these symptoms in bedridden patients. Memory foam is also utilized in wheelchair cushions, stabilizers for broken or fractured bones, and, due to its heat retention properties, therapy for patients with neck or back injuries. Memory foam can be molded into any shape so its uses in the medical field are vast.

Active Uses 

Once the price of memory foam dropped enough for it to be widely commercially distributed, more and more activities have been finding uses for the substance. For instance, if you are a professional race car driver who is sitting in a driver’s seat for hours on end, you’re going to want to sit on a shock absorbant substance to reduce debilitating back pain. Memory foam can be used in an array of sports, both traditional and extreme, as a high-tech padding for safety equipment. Football helmets have begun to use composite pads that utilize memory foam technology to remain rigid enough to keep tight to the body but still absorb a great deal of shock. The use of memory foam in helmets can also be extended to bicycle and skateboard helmets since the same need is met. For marathon bicyclists, a memory foam seat will keep them much more comfortable and therefore willing to go farther distances. The military also utilizes memory foam padding for heavy vests and backpacks to cause less strain on the troops carrying them.

Traditional Uses

Although memory foam is such a versatile substance, the arena in which it is used most affectively is still in the bedroom. Since the temper material retains heat, it is a perfect therapy for erasing the basic aches and pains that arise from strenuous day-to-day life. It assists with proper alignment of your spine resulting in ideal conditions for a perfect nights sleep. The use of memory foam pillows can actually aide sleep apnea by elevating the head to the correct position. If there was ever a time to switch from a regular mattress to a memory foam, the sooner the better. Do your body a favor and invest in one of these mattresses, especially if you are a victim of any chronic pains. A great place to start shopping is since they have  a huge selection of memory foam mattresses all at great prices. Your mattress is the piece of furniture you spend the most time on, wouldn’t it make sense for it to be as comfortable as possible?

What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

What is it?
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a nervous system disorder that gives you the urge to move your legs. This urge comes from uncomfortable sensations that many have described as tingling, creeping, crawling and tightening. These sensations can range anywhere from irritating to extremely painful. RLS is commonly under diagnosed or misdiagnosed, most likely due to the fact that there is no real RLS “test”. Physicians must rely on a patients history and symptoms.
What are the symptoms?
Symptoms tend to happen the most at the end of the day aka when you want to go to sleep, however, that is not the ONLY time they can happen.  Don’t go undiagnosed because your symptoms don’t occur at night. Symptoms can appear at any time during prolonged sitting or laying down. This means if you get these sensations while sitting in a desk at work, school, in the car or airplane, you are most likely experience RLS. Restless Leg Syndrome comes in all shapes and sizes, some describe it as a slightly irritating sensation while others describe it as intense and painful. The fact is, it’s real and causes sleep deprivation and stress.
Who is affected?
Restless Leg Syndrome can affect anyone at any age, it does not discriminate. However, there are a few statistics that might help you get a better idea of how many people are affected.
  • 5-10% of the entire population suffers from RLS
  • Women are twice as likely as men to develop RLS
  • As many as 25% of pregnant women develop RLS during pregnancy. Symptoms usually disappear within a few months after pregnancy.
What kind of treatment is there?
Physicians will prescribe certain medications that have been known to decrease symptoms but unfortunately no one medication has been proven to cure RLS in all individuals.  Some lifestyle changes have also been shown to decrease symptoms, which include:
  • Decreased consumption of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco
  • Iron, folate and magnesium supplementation
  • Exercise
Losing sleep because your partner won’t stop fidgeting? Restless Leg Syndrome not only effects the person suffering from the disorder, but it also affects their partners.  In order to ensure that you both avoid sleep deprivation, sleep on a memory foam mattress! This will allow your partner to fidget and move around without disrupting your sleep. Another benefit of a memory foam mattress is that it conforms to your body and allows the muscles to relax in their most natural position.  This has been shown to decrease symptoms. If you want to help reduce your partners symptoms massaging their legs is highly recommended. This helps take the mind of the uncomfortable sensations and relax the muscles, allowing you to get a good nights rest!


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Comforpedic vs Tempurpedic

All beds are not created equal and here, at Mattresses For Less, we strive to bring our customers all of the facts.

Often we receive the question, “What are the differences between memory foam mattresses like the iComfort or Comforpedic and the Tempurpedic?” or “Which is better – the Comforpedic mattress or the Tempurpedic mattress?” Today, we aim to educate those who may be in the market for a high quality memory foam mattress. You just might be surprised to learn the real facts.

I. Dissipates heat. Not temperature sensitive.

a. Tempurpedic foam is temperature sensitive. If your room is cold then your mattress firms up. If your room is warm, it loses support. Also, your own body heat will cause the foam to lose support. In northern states where tempuratures are colder they actually tell you not to bend or fold the mattress due to the possibility that it might break.
b. The density and formulation of the Tempur material used in a Tempurpedic mattresses causes them to trap your body heat within the mattress and sleep hot.
c. Comforpedic and iComfort mattresses use a foam formulation process that is not temperature sensitive. The mattress will have the same feel and consistency in a cool room as it does in a warm room.
d. They also have developed the foam to be less dense and more porous, so it dissipates heat much faster therefore it does not sleep hot.  In addition iComfort and Comforpedic are constantly improving and taking advantage of the latest in foam and gel technology. Gel is used in all of the CP and iComfort models for additional support and its cooling properties.

II. Quick Recovery.

a. Tempur material is a very slow reacting foam.  This will make it difficult to change position during the night or with any other movement/activity that one might attempt while in bed.
b. Comforpedic/iComfort foams are less dense and have much quicker recovery time, resulting in superior pressure relief and ease of movement.

III. Price/Consumer confidence.

a. Tempurpedic spends a huge amount of money on infomercials, direct mail marketing, broadcast advertising, etc. It has been said that up to 70% of every dollar spent on a Tempurpedic mattress goes toward marketing.
b. CP and iComfort models are also priced high compared to traditional innerspring mattresses but consumers should expect to spend about $500 less than the same level Tempurpedic mattress.  Also CP consumers can buy with confidence knowing that CP offers its customers an unprecedented 365 day comfort guarantee, allowing the consumer one full year to exchange the mattress if not completely satisfied.  iComfort allows 120 days. Tempurpedic allows 90 days.

Other things to consider:

Break in period.  In order to break the bed in, many Tempur retailers will tell consumers to walk on their beds or to invite the neighbor’s kids over to jump on it. Really, what is happening is that by walking or jumping on the bed, the membranes of the foams cellular structure are being broken. This is a process known as “cracking” the foam. This causes the bed to “break in” to its proper feel but it also causes off gassing, which produces a chemical odor.
CP and iComfort mattresses have all been “pre-cracked” at the factory. CP calls the process Transflexion. The result is your new mattress will feel the same in your home as it did in the showroom without any unpleasant off-gassing odor.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here is a side by side comparison video that shows people prefer Comforpedic. discusses their research of the Simmons Comforpedic Mattress.

At Mattresses For Less, we proudly stand by and offer a full selection of Simmons Comforpedic mattresses. Stop by one of our 5 Houston, Texas locations today and try one of these magnificent beds out for yourself.