Smartphone Apps to Help You Sleep

Everyone has trouble falling asleep. Studying for school, stressed about work and over indulging in your favorite TV shows until all hours of the night can leave your mind and body too stimulated to rest.

In most cases, your smartphone may not the best source of relaxation. It’s easy to get distracted with social apps and games that can keep you up. Now there are plenty of apps that can also help you fall asleep.

 app-sleepcycle Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

One of the keys to good sleeping habits is getting into a cycle or pattern. This app not only analyzes and graphs your sleep quality, but also lets you add sleep notes and wakes you up at your lightest sleep time using soothing tones. To use this all, all you need to do it place your iPhone under a sheet on a corner of your bed and the rest happens automatically!



This app can help send you into dreamland with hundreds of soothing sounds, gentle lullabies and hours of relaxing music. This app is perfect for an overworked mind and designed to help you unwind and release all the tensions of your day.


Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Seattle-based app developer HiveBrain Software teamed up with highly acclaimed hypnotherapist Andrew Johnson to bring you guided meditation. Johnson’s soothing voice will take you on a journey to a more peaceful place and leave you deeply relaxed with a clear mind as you drift off to sleep.


Yoga for Insomnia

Yoga for Insomnia is based on traditional Hatha yoga practices and incorporates poses that stretch and relax the body. Mindfulness and breathing techniques are combines with soothing music and illustrations of poses to create a restful ambiance.

While these apps can be useful to help you doze off or learn more about your sleep, they are not able to diagnose or treat any potential sleep illnesses you feel you may have.

Discovering Your Deprivation

It is not so much lack of sleep that has you tossing and turning at night, or bone-weary throughout the day. Rather, your brain activity has everything to do with your sleeping patterns, so first and foremost, one must learn to take back control of what’s been affecting you throughout all these perturbed nights. In fact, what people are deprived of more is time during the day where there is no pressure and expectations causing havoc and restlessness. Starting your day a few hours early can help manage the anxieties that creep up like little monsters under your bed that keep you fan-gazing and fast on the draw all night.

Life’s stresses will subside when you adjust your sails, so your lifestyle and habits may travel in a new, winsome direction.  Waking before the sun doesn’t necessarily seem all that flattering when you’re used to catching those last few z’s before your snooze alarm alerts you. By waking up just before dawn, you can give yourself time to create new habits. Whether that is mastering the perfect omelette, sipping coffee and catching up on some reading/TV watching, getting exercise, or whatever it may be, you can genuinely enjoy and take pride in it. What this “daylight savings time” boils down to is finding a balance. You will feel more focused and unhurried with not one single soul expecting anything from you within the next few hours.

When everyday life becomes stressful, you may find yourself thinking, “I need a break, better yet a vacation”. The ability to appreciate the task at hand and think clearly will come naturally once you learn that you don’t need to figure out the right way to take a break, allowing you to get more out of your day.

In a relentless and eager world, the second you check your email or schedule, an internal clock of new items immediately creates deadlines built on a foundation of pressure. By rising a few hours early, you can alleviate that load by taking the extra time to tackle those tasks that are sure to cut into your bedtime. This will leave you with a clear conscious and a few more hours to establish a quality sleep pattern.

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