4 Tips For a Smooth Transition From Crib to Bed

You raise the railings on the crib high and make sure they are locked in place as you tuck your little one in for a nap. You tip-toe down the hall in hopes of getting a few chores done here and there. Mid-thought you stop dead in your tracks when you hear the rattle of the crib and a solid thump. Yes indeed, those would be tiny footsteps headed towards the door you just closed. Today was the day your child successfully mastered his barricade and now you are left to make a decision: Is it time to get this kiddo out of his crib and into a bed already?

Finding the right time to move your child out of the confined space of his crib and into a bed depends on a variety of factors, but if you do it right, everyone in your household will get a restful nights sleep. Here’s a few tips to reassure a smooth transition when making the switch:


It is crucial to keep your child’s safety number one as you make a decision to change beds. When your child is too big, or in this case too active to sleep in their crib anymore, it may be time to start thinking about making the transition from crib to “big-kid-bed”. Your child must be able to safely get into and out of their new bed on his or her own, so keeping their bunk as close to ground as possible is vital. Since your toddler is unacquainted with the freedom of movement that a larger bed offers, it is important to take safety precautions by putting up guardrails or pillows on the ground in case they fall out. Be sure to gate the doorway of your child’s room to prevent them from testing the limits of their new-found freedom, and avoid late-night wanderings.

Get Excited!

The upgrade can be intimidating and can leave your child feeling overwhelmed. To ease the transition, take your toddler with you while shopping or picking up their new bed. Point out people that your child knows who have recently made the switch. For example, “Look! Your cousin has a big kid bed, and now you do to! You’re almost as big as him now!” Let your child pick out their own bedding with their favorite characters on them, and encourage them to show his or her new bed to visitors.

Set Guidelines

Make a routine with the goal of getting your child to sleep. Their new bed should be for sleeping, not playing. Do not make bed or bedtime more entertaining than it should be. It takes a lot of behavioral control to stay within the guidelines and make sure your tot understands these rules. It is important that they know to remain in the bed unless they have to use the restroom. Be consistent and put your child to bed when they are tired. Last, be patient. It truly is a virtue.


Choosing the Right Mattress

Making the transition from a crib to a bed is a big decision for many reasons. One is apparent: that little baby you just built that crib for? Yeah, not so much a baby anymore, and that can be a hard pill to swallow. Second, buying a mattress isn’t exactly the easiest and cheapest process either. It is important to think logically and long term when making a decision on which type of bed to choose. Do you want to purchase a plastic children’s bed that calls for the same mattress in your child’s crib? Of course not.

As children mature, so do their bones. Your growing toddler is developing and it is important you protect their skeletal structure. Same as when purchasing a mattress for yourself, you want something supportive, comfortable, and durable. Investing in a mattress that your child can grow into for years to come is a necessary, and in the long-run, more affordable plunge. At Mattresses For Less you can choose from a tremendous selection of twin and full mattresses for your child. Make an easy switch and lighten the load of parenthood with Mattresses For Less!

by admin October 8, 2013