Cooling Gel Mattresses Make Hot Nights a Breeze!

Texas summer weather is almost upon us!  Fans and air conditioners will be running on high throughout summer but you can invest in a new mattress to keep you cool and save some money on your electric bill.  Mattresses for Less offers one of the widest selections of cooling gel mattresses in Texas!  The only thing better than our selection of the major brands is our prices.  Cooling gel mattresses function to regulate your sleep temperature, allowing you to stay comfortable all night long.

The top of layer of the mattress is designed with a cooling micro gel.  The gel has been infused with micro beads that assist the gel in cooling to the touch of your skin.  In addition, the beads are very slow to change temperature.  This means that they will stay cool while you’re lying down.  The relaxing temperature against your skin will make you toss and turn less and let you sleep continuously throughout the night.  A better night’s rest means a more productive work day as well as having energy when your work day ends.  You’ll have plenty of energy to go out with friends or catch a sporting event at the stadium.  You will quickly notice how the gel material works in tandem with the gel beads for extra comfort.  Cooling gel mattresses offer a comfortable solution to our hot Texas nights.  Our website contains plenty of mattresses that can fit your sleep preference perfectly. 0011

When you click on the right mattress for you, remember about our policies!  We’ll beat any price by 10%.  In addition, you don’t need good credit to finance with us.  There’s no reason you should sleep uncomfortably simply because of your credit score.  Once you find that perfect mattress, we’ll have it to you in no time.  We offer same day delivery so you can buy your mattress today and get a restful night’s sleep tonight!  Don’t let the hot Texas weather keep you up all night.

by admin June 27, 2015