Decorating Sins

When decorating our homes, our choices in style should reflect our tastes, rather than the trends we follow. While there are always exceptions, there are a few things that we feel are simply inexcusable in all cases.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping knickknacks on shelves and tables, especially if they’re souvenirs or art pieces. However keeping a whole wall of them that have no function looks messy and cluttered. Instead, rotate a few pieces in and out so only a few are on your shelf at a time.

Buying an entire set of living room or bedroom furniture leaves your home looking lik483563335-smalle a showroom. Visually, it leaves your room looking monotonous and gives off a vibe that you don’t care much about your own personal style and have let others do the work for you. Mixing furniture fabrics and patterns throughout your décor adds style to your room. Sticking to the same color family when choosing your pieces helps keep your look cohesive.

While real flowers don’t last long, we strongly suggest you avoid keeping fake flowers because they look cheap and will never come close to the beauty of fresh flowers. Instead, opt for a low maintenance plant. It’ll add a pop of life and color to your room without the hassle of tending to them every day.

Finally, while we usually attribute all-white rooms with sophistication, they can also come off as boring, cold and uninviting. Adding small pops of color with accent pieces like pillows or rugs will help break up the monotony of an all-white pallet and add character to a drab layout.

by admin July 25, 2014