Make Your Resolution Count: Good Sleep Connected to Weight Loss

New Year’s is quickly approaching and we’ve been talking about our new year’s resolution.  One common note between all of our resolutions, whether it be to eat healthier or learn a new language. They all require restful uninterrupted sleep!

A restful and thorough sleep recharges your brain and allows you to wake up and feel completely refreshed.  It’s the feeling that when you open your eyes, you’re not automatically thinking about closing them and getting a couple extra minutes.1

That sleep is beneficial for all aspects of your health.  It helps with learning, especially in kids, all the way to losing weight and maintaining a high metabolism.  Sleep not only lets you efficiently tackle your new year’s resolution but it also helps you maintain it.  People who have the energy after work to come home and make a healthy dinner or exercise will maintain their new routine more effectively than those who feel tired and fatigued all the time.

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by admin December 17, 2015