New Year Mattress Discounts

The period after the holidays can sometimes feel like a fire sale as things go on sale. From cars to Christmas decorations retailers around the country, trying to make room for the inventory introduced in the New Year, slash prices on the inventory on hold to make quick sales. Furniture retailers are no different! As new models come out furniture retailers’ clearance out old or discontinued models. The beginning of the year is a perfect time to take advantage of some great clearance sales to get the mattress you have been dreaming about.

Where to look

Nowadays you can purchase a mattress from just about any online retailer, many of these stores will be running clearance sales. While this is a great way to get your new mattress delivered directly to your front door there are a few issues. The main issue is the fact that you are going in to the purchase sight unseen and without feeling the mattress. With a mattress, the right fit is the most important part and even a mattress with 5 thousand 4 and 5 star reviews might not be the best fit for you! Returning the unwanted bed might also be a challenge (It’s not easy putting the bed back in the bag).

CLEARANCEYou can opt to visit your local mattress store. This tried and true method allows you to try before you buy. Using this method you can ensure that the mattress you purchased is a perfect fit for you.  Many local mattress stores still allow you to browse their clearance inventory online before you make the trip to try in store. This makes narrowing your search for the perfect clearance mattress a breeze. You can also have same day delivery and this cuts out on having to wait days or weeks for your new mattress to arrive.

If you are in the market for a quality mattress but are lacking in budget taking a few moments to browse the selection of clearance beds at your local mattress stores can pay dividends. Start by simply doing a quick Google maps search of ‘Mattress Stores near me” and view the clearance selection that they offer. Remember to keep in mind perks like ‘Same Day Delivery’ or ‘Free Delivery’ which can also save you money over online or other stores.


by admin January 9, 2017