Selecting the perfect mattress for you

It comes as a shock to most people that more often than not, they are sleeping on the wrong mattress. They might have trouble falling asleep. They might feel pain in their backs, shoulders, or sides. Perhaps they cant stay awake during the day. This can be due to the fact that your mattresses comfort level might be different from your own.

To get a restful nights sleep, try a small test. Lie on the bed and try and see if the bed is either too soft or too firm. The human body have pressure points along the head, shoulder, back, buttocks, and heel. Should the mattress feel too firm, this can push back onto the pressure point and create unwanted tension with your body leading to a uncomfortable and uneasy night sleeping. This is likely the reason why most people dont just sleep on the floor. The mattress can’t be too soft either. What happen is that the body that is not supported by the mattress will lead the body to flop onto itself and become just as uncomfortable. There has to be a happy balance between these two and the level of your comfort plays a huge role into it as well.

A great indication for someone considering a new mattress is that if they wake up feeling sore and achy then it’s time to buy a new mattress. Researchers suggest that a person in a mattress store should lie on the mattress in the position they usually sleep in for 10-15 minuetes and decided on whether this is the suitable mattress for them. Dont forget to bring your own pillow. Its important that you replicate the exact same way you sleep at home.

Types of Mattresses

  • Innerspring Mattresses – The innerspring Mattresses are the most popular type of mattresses. How they work is simple; Your body is supported by individual coil springs in the mattress. The more the springs, the more comfort and support your body will feel. These type of mattresses are excellent for people that are a little on the heavy side or with chronic back issues. Its very hard to find a mattress that isn’t suitable for everyone.
  • Memory foam Mattresses – These type of mattresses are growing in popularity at an incredible rate and its easy to see why. Memory foam works by using a series of different types of composites and foams to contour and shape around your body and react to your weight and temperature. Memory Foam mattresses are great for people that have muscle fatigues and injuries.
  • Latex Mattresses – Latex mattresses are made from either synthetic rubber or are made of natural rubber. They are similar to memory foam but are a bit more firmer as the added benefit. Researchers and experts have all strongly recommended the Latex mattresses for everyone because just like the Innerspring Mattress, its hard to go wrong with one.
  • Air Mattresses – The most common misconception is that these type of mattresses are cheap. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, modern Air Mattresses are a lot more sophisticated as each air pocket is separated in their own tubes and spaced apart from each other. One of the great advantages of the air mattresses is that it can fulfill the need of couples who disagree on different comfort level. One side can be filled to be more firmer than the other.
  • Adjustable Mattresses – The appeal of the adjustable mattress is not what tis made of but what it can do. The beauty of it is that it can be elevated or adjusted to a certain degree making it easier for people to get out of bed or watching tv. Hospitals often have a variant of these as they help patients with back or hip injuries leave their beds more easily. People that suffer from Sleep Apena benefits greatly from these beds as people who lie down can have trouble breathing at night.

When selecting the best mattress for you, dont overlook these facts and select the mattress you can see yourself sleeping in for the next 10-20 years. A lot of modern mattresses being produced today could last a lifetime so this might be something to be considered. Always remember that a good nights rest is the stepping stone to a productive day and that the mattress is the building blocks.

by admin April 19, 2013