Sleep Habits are Genetic

Your sleep habits may be affected by more than just work, your mattress, and your daily activity.  Doctors have conducted research indicating that genetics may have a much larger role in sleep disorders than previously believed.

Circadian rhythms vary between different individuals.  These clocks can run a little shorter than 24 hours and others can run longer.  Essentially, the circadian rhythms are changes in our body over a 24 hour period.  They can be affected by genetic disorders and also external stimuli.  For example, some people feel a very strong urge to sleep right at 24 hours.  This would be especially bad for doctors doing residences because of their shift hours.  Circadian rhythms play a fundamental role in your everyday life.1

Genetic conditions involving sleep are not easy to fight but there are solutions.  The first step is to get yourself on a healthy diet and exercise plan.  Establishing a routine in which your body expends a large amount of energy during the day will only help your mind and body fall asleep.  The next step is to acquire a comfortable mattress that fits your needs.  Everyone has different sleep preferences so find the right mattress for you.  You can choose between memory foam mattresses, gel memory foam mattresses, or even one of Serta’s iComfort series.

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by admin April 4, 2015