Sleeping at Work

With many promotions comes the convenience of having your own office. A quiet place to get your work done or hold important meetings or phone calls without being interrupted.  Like many Americans, you can also opt to catch up on some rest.  Close your office door put on some soft music and close your eyes.  Most everyone has done it in their lives and it’s understandable considering what type of mattress you have at home.  You could have a number of mattresses at home but if you do need to catch up on sleep at work we know which mattress you DON’T have, the Serta Perfect Sleeper.sert

Once you experience a restful night’s sleep in the Serta Perfect Sleeper you will have no choice but to fill your office hours with actual work.  All kidding aside, the Serta Perfect Sleeper is the official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation for a reason.  It was designed to eliminate the five most common problems people experience during their sleep.  The Serta Perfect Sleeper will help you and your partner sleep better and longer. In fact, one of its defining features is the ability to reduce the bounce and vibrations of movement during the night.

A comfortable and supportive mattresses means that you won’t need to use your desk as a pillow any longer.  Our website contains multiple variations of Serta’s Perfect Sleeper to fit anyone’s slightest preference.  You can order yours today from Mattresses for Less and be sleeping soundly in no time.  Already own the Perfect Sleeper? Let us know how it’s working out for you!

by admin May 29, 2015