Spring is in The Air

Spring is approaching and it’s almost time to open up all your windows and enjoy the fresh air.  We’ve compiled a list of activities on how to make the most of this spring and to fully embrace the season. Our list will help you redesign your spring style with maximum effort.

Nature is blooming and your home should resemble that!  Add fresh flowers and bright accents all throughout your home.  Small changes in scenery can lead to big changes in a room’s mood and accent. This is why public places often feature bright to neutral colors combined with bright lighting.

Change your clothes for spring and feel the cool breeze.  Sandals are optimal for men and women and will keep you cool throughout the season.  Guys can finally break out those comfortable shorts.  Wear them with a nice polo shirt or casual dress shirt.  Guys can never go wrong keeping it simple and clean cut.  We know that many girls all over Texas are rejoicing to wear sundresses.  They are perfect for walking around the city or wearing to the beach. q3

The spring is a great time to hangout outdoors because the weather is beautiful but not too hot.  It’s perfect for hiking or backpacking trips.  Texas has over a dozen parks and forests to spend the day or afternoon.   You can even choose to finish the day with a picnic.  If you’re looking to stay a little closer to home.  Look up outdoor yoga or fitness classes near you area.  Get fit and take in the beautiful weather all at one time.

A restful eight hours of sleep is always the best way to end your day.  You can liven up your bedroom with bright colors and new bedding.  If you’re in the market for a new mattress make sure to check out our heat dissipating models.  They are ideal Texas especially during spring and summer.  Warm colors offer a great change of pace and can help you maintain a more upbeat attitude.  Don’t be afraid to decorate your bedroom (or home) with bright colors unique to your taste.

We hope you enjoyed our list of spring activities.  They will allow you to use every second of spring while it’s here.  Make sure to check out our website for the best inventory and prices on mattresses.   Let us know how you spend your spring in our comments section!

by admin March 25, 2016