Tips to Help You Sleep Better While Sick

We have been preaching here on our blog that the right amount of sleep, for anyone, can help you avoid various illnesses and ailments that can set in from lack of and poor sleeping habits. Getting enough sleep during cold and flu season can even help you avoid catching something and help you get over it faster. But, as we all know, it is immensely difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep when you’re hacking, coughing, sneezing, and dealing with a runny nose.

We have put together a list of some tips that may be able to provide some relief and alleviate some of the symptoms so you can get the much needed rest and be on your way to recovery.

Be Cautious of Cold Medication

Our first instinct when we are sick is to head over to the pharmacy and pick up something that will help. However, everyone reacts to nighttime medications differently. Furthermore, the cold medication the decongestant, pseudoephedrine, may even have adverse affects and end up keeping you up instead of sedating you. You might experience jitters, anxiety or an increased heart rate according to WebMD. Always consult your physician before resulting to medication. They will always have the best solution for you.

Elevate Your Head

Everyone has experienced the annoyance of being sick, having a stuffy or runny nose and trying to sleep. Your ears get clogged. Your feel yourself choking on that post-nasal drip. You have severe sinus pressure and congestion. What’s the answer? Well, propping your head up can help alleviate all of these problems. It lets gravity take over and pull all the junk out of your ears and ease the pressure in your sinus cavities. You’ll be able to breathe easier than if you’re lying down flat.

Take a Steamy Shower or Bath

When you take a hot shower or bath your body temperature rises and fter you get out of the steamy shower, your body’s temperature drops and helps get it ready for sleep.

Also, the steam in the shower offers slight benefits and relief to cold symptoms. The moisture in the air can help loosen congestion in your nose and chest and help you breathe easier. Also, a humidifier can help with relief as well.

Drink Tea

“Sleepy Time” teas such as Chamomille and Passionflower have natural sleep aids that will help you fall asleep. Plus, you will be drinking liquid that will help you keep you hydrated which is crucial in the recovery process. They also help soothe a sore throat which can keep you tossing and turning.


by admin February 22, 2013