Tips To Reduce Affects of Daylight Savings Time

The “Fall Back” Daylight Savings Time is fast approaching, begins at 2:00 a.m. on November 4th, and it is a change that impacts millions of Americans each year.

The time change causes a “fall back” of an hour.

This is a change that can disrupt sleeping patterns and cause fatigue.

Our dedicated team at Mattresses for Less have done a little digging and found some tips to help reduce the impact Daylight Savings Time has on your sleeping schedule.

Keep your sleeping area dark

The change in time can disrupt sleep, especially if you are used to waking when it is still dark outside. Try to make sure you always keep the area in which you sleep as dark as possible to encourage sound sleep.

Increase exposure to light after waking

Exposing yourself to light after waking can have an alerting affect. Try opening the shades in your room after waking to let natural light in or turning on the lights.

These are some of the tips you can try to help reduce the impact Daylight Savings Time has on your sleep schedule, but also equally important is making sure you are laying down on a quality mattress.

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by admin November 1, 2012