Use Your Adjustable Bed To Track Your Sleep Cycles

Are you having trouble sleeping? Have you ever wondered or cared about your personal sleep habits? Ever wish you could tell if you’re getting a proper rest or considered investing in wearable technology to track your sleep patterns? You’re not alone. For years now technology has been advancing to create wearables to monitor sleep patterns and help reduce restless nights. One of the problems with wearables is they sometimes produce inaccurate data. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of sleep tracking technology from an adjustable bed. The smart motion adjustable base includes a multistage sleep monitoring system that captures accurate readings of you sleep pattern.

How the Sleep Tracking System WorksMattresses For Less Adjustable bed

The Sleeptracker® system monitors the sleeper’s heart rate and movements. By comparing your sleep with the history of individuals that have similar patterns and combines the data into results designed to help every individual improve their sleep. Because of this, you’re able to improve the quality of your sleep, wake up at the best time, and determine if you’re getting the right amount of sleep.

How is Simmons Smartmotion 3.0 capable of producing accurate results? By using sensors in the base that independently monitor up to two individuals, the bed is able to provide data on how you sleep. The sensors are incorporated in the base of the bed so they are undetectable. Because of this, you won’t need to purchase any uncomfortable wearable devices. The alarm allows you to use pre-selected wake times that monitor when you are in a light stage of sleep. Then it can wake you at the best time so you feel fully rested and recharged. This may seem unimportant but there are some serious reasons why you should consider monitoring you sleep.

Why Should you track your Sleep

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report focusing on how insufficient sleep is increasingly becoming a public health problem. The report focused on issues like money lost because of economic in productivity, possible links with obesity, and fatal accidents caused by sleep deprivation and apnea to highlight a few. Similar to eating right and exercise, sleep is equally important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Simmons SmartMotion 3.0 will help you get a better nights rest and also help you answer the following questions.

You will now be able to determine how long it takes you to fall asleep and how many hours you sleep each night. The bed provides valuable insight on if you’re getting peaceful or restful sleep. The sensors can also determine if you are getting enough of the required amounts of the all-important deep REM sleep. One of the best features is that the system is designed to be able to tell the best time to wake you so you are no longer feeling restless. With all of these issues and problems uncovered you can now capture the full vision of your sleep pattern and learn how to get a better nights rest.

If you’re feeling tired and restless. Loss of energy. Problems with fluctuation in weight, you may suffer from several different issues that could be helped by getting a proper night’s sleep. Although it may not seem as much, a lack of sleep could increase your risk of heart attacks, strokes, or fatal accidents. Weather it it’s through professional help, wearables, or other solutions like the Simmons smart base 3.0, don’t wait to learn how to improve you sleep patterns and overall health.

by admin June 1, 2016