We Had Same Day Delivery before Amazon!

Amazon has recently announced that Prime members receive free same day delivery in select areas.  It looks like they are following the best business practices of ours!  Our same day delivery is available to you every day of the week on any of our products.

Our same day delivery is the definition of convenience.  Our process is simple and effective and we can usually deliver your item on the same day of purchase!  We provide you with a four hour window of delivery and we give you a call 40 minutes before we deliver your item to your front door.  In addition, we’ll gladly haul that old mattress away for free where it will be recycled or donated.  90 percent of every mattress can be recycled.  We strive to keep as many mattresses out of landfills as possible.2

Our same day delivery remains just one aspect of our excellent customer care.  Our 100-Day Comfort Guarantee ensures our customers are happy with their new mattress.  If you’re not sleeping well on your new mattress within the first 100 days of your purchase then give us a call and we’ll help you choose a different mattress.  These benefits, plus our price match guarantee, means that Amazon could never match us!

Our website is full of items that can help you sleep in comfort.  You can even visit the store nearest to you!  Buy your mattress online today and be sleeping easy on it tonight!  Mattresses For Less makes your shopping experience and satisfaction our first priority.

by admin October 15, 2015