Sleeping Under the Stars

As summer comes to an end, and the temperatures become bearable again, now is the perfect time for a little weekend get-a-way for some peace and quiet. You might find that straying from the city lights, and venturing off to a serene place under the starlit sky may be your destination.

Heading out to an environment without clocks, deadlines, chores, and electronics is good for one’s peace of mind, and also gives you a chance to re-calibrate your sleeping patterns that have been tossed around in the midst of the work-week sea.

Being chained to your desk and excessive urgency for electronic gadgets throughout the week are guilty as charged for your lack of sleep. The byproducts of sleep deprivation and daily stresses can result in serious health problems, decrease in production levels, and destruction of  your internal clock.

Research suggests our circadian rhythms have been a mess ever since electric lighting was introduced in the 1930’s. The comforts of modern living and technology disrupt the brains circadian rhythms (your internal clock) and abbreviate the release of natural melatonin, which explains why so many of us have a hard time falling asleep and feeling like going right back to bed as soon as we wake.

The key to resetting your body’s clock is spending some time outdoors with natural lighting. Think about it, the sun goes down, the campfire comes out, a few hours later, your body takes a shift and a new sleeping pattern has been invited. The sun comes out, and you are up preparing for the day, enjoying as much sunlight as possible until sunset. After we have been exposed to these natural cues, melatonin levels are able to rise and fall, suggesting that our brain starts to promote wakefulness or sleepiness. A quiet, countryside mini-cation may be long overdue, it’s time to disconnect from you gadgets so you can experience tranquility and restoration. Just try your best not to “tweet” about it.




Improve Your Quality of Sleep With Exercise

When tossing and turning becomes habitual and keeps you up at night, there are a few options you have before running to the medicine cabinet or the nearest drug store. Reevaluating your current habits and changing your behavioral ways will improve your sleep patterns, starting with exercise.

Believe it or not, tossing and turning is not a form of exercise. By regularly making exercise a priority during the day, you can lead yourself down the right path to increasing the quality of your sleeping habits.

The benefits of exercise and an active lifestyle are endless: Stress and anxiety reduction, lower risk of many life-threatening diseases, productivity and increasing the quality of your days. I am sure you are aware the profit you gain when you get enough sleep, and you are also familiar with the treacherous toll your body takes when don’t receive enough rest.

Research has proven that many insomnia-diagnosed individuals saw a drastic improvement in sleeping patterns just after a few weeks of regular exercise than those who remained sedentary. Those who noticed changes also experienced less anxiety and stress throughout the day.

To maximize the beneficial effects, it is important to properly time your exercise and sleep routine. A good workout can increase productivity, increase alertness, speed up your metabolism and energize you for the day ahead. However, performing activity less than 3 hours before hitting the hay can prevent a good night’s sleep. Exercising before bed interferes with your body temperature; body temperature rises during vigorous activity and takes as long as 6 hours to drop. Because cooler body temperatures are correlated with sleep onset, it is important to let your body cool off before you think about hopping into bed.

If one part of the body system undergoes some sort of deprivation, whether that be of food, energy, sleep, water… you’re likely to see the effects in other areas of your life. Sleep, nutrition and exercise are all linked. If the body lacks nourishment, it will lack performance during activity which effects whether you lose or gain weight, which then ties in to how you function on a daily basis.

Getting quality sleep each night is vital to operate with intention each day. To reap the benefits of a dreamy reward, commit to a healthy and active lifestyle and catch more zzz’s. Also, make sure your place of rest is a cozy one, all the way down to your mattress. If you are unsure if you are sleeping on the appropriate mattress to increase the nature of your slumber, come by Mattresses For Less where one of their friendly and knowledgable mattress experts can help find the perfect match for you. With thousands of trusted name-brands to chose from, and shipping available, you can make tonights sleep the best yet, with the start of a new lifestyle and a new mattress.



Discovering Your Deprivation

It is not so much lack of sleep that has you tossing and turning at night, or bone-weary throughout the day. Rather, your brain activity has everything to do with your sleeping patterns, so first and foremost, one must learn to take back control of what’s been affecting you throughout all these perturbed nights. In fact, what people are deprived of more is time during the day where there is no pressure and expectations causing havoc and restlessness. Starting your day a few hours early can help manage the anxieties that creep up like little monsters under your bed that keep you fan-gazing and fast on the draw all night.

Life’s stresses will subside when you adjust your sails, so your lifestyle and habits may travel in a new, winsome direction.  Waking before the sun doesn’t necessarily seem all that flattering when you’re used to catching those last few z’s before your snooze alarm alerts you. By waking up just before dawn, you can give yourself time to create new habits. Whether that is mastering the perfect omelette, sipping coffee and catching up on some reading/TV watching, getting exercise, or whatever it may be, you can genuinely enjoy and take pride in it. What this “daylight savings time” boils down to is finding a balance. You will feel more focused and unhurried with not one single soul expecting anything from you within the next few hours.

When everyday life becomes stressful, you may find yourself thinking, “I need a break, better yet a vacation”. The ability to appreciate the task at hand and think clearly will come naturally once you learn that you don’t need to figure out the right way to take a break, allowing you to get more out of your day.

In a relentless and eager world, the second you check your email or schedule, an internal clock of new items immediately creates deadlines built on a foundation of pressure. By rising a few hours early, you can alleviate that load by taking the extra time to tackle those tasks that are sure to cut into your bedtime. This will leave you with a clear conscious and a few more hours to establish a quality sleep pattern.

To protect your newly-found slumber, it is important to make sure you are sleeping on a mattress that will keep you rested the whole night through. At Mattresses For Less, they have a large selection of trusted name brands mattresses that are available to be delivered to you at your convenience. Make tonight the best nights sleep yet and wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day confidently and contently.

Stress Reduction Tips For A Good Night's Sleep

StressAn individual’s complete response to environmental pressures and demands.

If you’re old enough to read this blog then you’ve undoubtedly had a night or two of restless sleep due to stress. Every student on the planet has experienced final exam stress and can certainly testify on the affects that stress had on their sleep the night before. New parents can speak on the affects the stresses of a newborn has on sleep patterns. No matter what stressful situation we find ourselves in throughout our lifetimes, we’ve all had the displeasure of a few long nights of restless tossing and sleep-depriving turning.


In the simplest terms, stress is what happens when we respond to everyday life. All of the trials, tribulations, and tragedies that can, and often does, occur in our lives has a profound affect on us; physically, emotionally, and behaviorally. While we can often see how our stresses affect us during the waking hours, those affects do not disappear when the sun goes down.

A few of the more common signs of excessive stress on us includes, but is not limited to, depression, anxiety, hyper-tension, general apathy, poor concentration, and sleep depravation. For most of us, our sleep habits are in lock-step with our circumstances. When life is good, so is our sleep and visa versa. Generally speaking, most stressful circumstances we encounter have a short shelf life. However, there are those times where the stresses seem to have no expiration date and the nights can become endless exercises in somnolent futility.

Thankfully there are exercises designed to help people who have found themselves in a position of sleep depriving stress that can actually help put an end to the tossing and turning. As with all advice of this nature, these tips are not designed to be a substitute for medical treatment in the event of prolonged periods of stress. But for those of us who find ourselves with more than a few sleepless nights, Mattresses For Less proudly offers these helpful tips for stress management to help us get the most out of sleep:

Assess The Stress

As with most things in life, the first step in correcting a problem is identifying it. Whether it be ongoing physical pain, work related issues, relationship issues, or any combination of these common sources of stress, once we pinpoint the specific source of our stress, we can take the necessary steps to reduce them.

Misery Loves Company

During times of stress, nothing can help quite as effectively as a healthy support structure. Family and/or friends can be a source of immeasurable help in times of intense stress. While the temptation may be to isolate yourself when the going is rough, there really is no substitute for leaning on the people in our lives that mean the most to us.

Think Happy Thoughts

This may sound like it was lifted from a love-in from the 1960s, but there are plenty of psychological studies that prove the power of positive thinking. How we feel about any given situation is largely dictated by our thought processes. Whatever we focus on definitely affects our overall outlook on life. Pessimism and negativity are as helpful to stress levels as gasoline is to putting out a fire. But positive thought has the ability to reduce the affects of stress on our lives. There is a wealth of information on this subject. If you or a loved one is suffering from sleep depraving stress, you would do well to check out more information on positive thought management.

Work It Out

One of the best pieces of advice you’ll receive on the subject of stress management is relatively simple. Nothing can help you blow off steam faster or more effectively than exercising. Obviously if you have any physical conditions that may be exacerbated by physical exertion you’ll need to consult your doctor first, but if your physical health is not an issue, you’ll probably be surprised at how helpful a good workout is for stress relief.

Stress-Relieving Diet

When we’re in a stressful situation, the last thing we want is the added pressure of watching what we eat. Most of us will grab the nearest/fastest thing we can find or try to drink ourselves to a stress-free reality. Obviously a diet that consists of junk food, fast food, and alcohol will only speed up the negative physical affects of stress; to say nothing of affecting our normal healthy sleep patterns. A low sugar, low caffeine, low alcohol diet can actually help reduce our stress.


One of the leading contributors to high stress in our lives is overwork. Many of us have a difficult time delegating responsibilities to others. It doesn’t take too many consecutive weeks of trying to be Superman or Wonder Woman before you realize we are neither. As much as is possible, pass the work load onto others to alleviate the stress levels in your life.

With just a few changes in schedule, diet, and a significant reduction of things on your plate, you can easily reduce your stress levels and return to a healthy lifestyle; including a healthy sleeping schedule. By following these simple steps, you may be surprised to find yourself sleeping soundly through the night again…