Sleeping Positions for Couples

466455253-smallWhether you spoon or sleep back to back can be an indicator of how happy or satisfied you and your partner are in your relationship. Sleeping in a pose that lets you both stay comfortable and also allows body contact helps strengthen your bond. These sleeping positions can help you snuggle up at night, as well as get better sleep all night long.

Spoon Position

This position is great for side sleepers or people with lower back pain and is a basic position for couples to sleep in. Sleeping on your side helps ease pressure on the spine and is great in the winter time because the full body contact helps keep both of you warm.

Hand Holding Position

This position provides minimal touching, but still allows for intimacy by lying on your backs and intertwining your hands next to each other. Hand holding can provide a romantic effect and neither one has to compromise the comfort of sleeping on your back. If you both prefer to sleep on your sides, face each other and hold hands for another twist on sleeping with minimal touching.

Arm Draping Position

If you or your partner exhibit different sleep positions such as you on your back or your partner on their side, consider an arm across the body position. If you’re the side sleeper, face your partner, but roll toward your back slightly to avoid waking them up with an arm that’s still asleep. Back sleepers should keep their arms by their sides, not overhead, to reduce stress on the shoulders.

by admin June 12, 2014