Sleeping With a Full Moon

The lunar cycle has been related to a broad range of mysterious events, from increased crime to hospital admissions. Words such as “moonstruck” and “lunatic” have evolved from stories like the lycanthrope, the figure who turned into a werewolf at full Moon. Even outside such folktales, scientist have suspected that the Moon’s phases may affect sleep patterns more than we think.

The next time you can’t sleep, take a peek outside and see if there is a full moon casting beams. Research has showed that our internal biological clock, ticks away according to the moon’s cycle. Dr. Silvia Frey out of Switzerland conducted an experiment that showed melatonin levels, total sleep time and delta sleep time were at their lowest levels when the moon was full. It was also indicated that it took the longest time to fall asleep and reach REM sleep during a full moon.

Like every other species on Earth, humans have evolved with a particular set of astronomical cycles such as: day, night, full moon, daylight-savings time to which our circadian systems adapt. Because of this research, there are helpful strategies that have been developed for individuals who are prone to circadian sleep disorders.

Since it is said that the human body biologically struggles to fall and stay asleep when the moon is full, people can be more particular about their comfort during these times. Creating a relaxing ritual like reading, dressing your bed comfortably, or listening to soothing music can help. One of the best ways to fall asleep comfortably is having a clean, cozy and durable matress. At Mattresses For Less you can choose from a wide variety of trusted name-brand mattresses to contribute to the best nights sleep you’ve ever had. You may even be able to sleep through the wolves howling at the moon.

by admin October 22, 2013