Getting the Most Out of Sleep

For most, sleep is a standard block of time, usually beginning in late evening and ending at some point in the morning, typically consisting of 6-10 continuous hours. This is indeed the norm but for certain people this is far from reality. There is something called Polyphasic sleep, a term coined by psychologist J.S. Szymanski, which […]

by admin May 17, 2013

What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

What is it? Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a nervous system disorder that gives you the urge to move your legs. This urge comes from uncomfortable sensations that many have described as tingling, creeping, crawling and tightening. These sensations can range anywhere from irritating to extremely painful. RLS is commonly under diagnosed or misdiagnosed, most […]

by admin April 5, 2013

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Have you ever awakened from sleep, but were unable to move? You felt awake, but no matter how hard you tried moving your arms or legs, they just wouldn’t respond to your commands? You might have even been afraid enough to call out for help but couldn’t even muster the sound? Sleep paralysis may happen […]

by admin April 3, 2013

4 Steps To A Better Nights Sleep

Take a step back and really look at all of the factors that contribute to how you sleep each night. Pressures at work, from family, unexpected challenges, illnesses, etc. Are you feeling cabby? Worn out? We are the worst judges when it comes to our own sleep habits and often times we don’t recognize or […]

by admin March 1, 2013

Tips to Help You Sleep Better While Sick

We have been preaching here on our blog that the right amount of sleep, for anyone, can help you avoid various illnesses and ailments that can set in from lack of and poor sleeping habits. Getting enough sleep during cold and flu season can even help you avoid catching something and help you get over […]

by admin February 22, 2013

Best Sleeping Positions For Our Health

As we prepare ourselves for sleep we have routines that tell our minds and our bodies that is time to rest. It should come as no surprise that almost every person out there also has a preferred sleeping position. When we finally curl up under the sheets and blankets, we come to rest in a […]

by admin January 24, 2013

Foods That Help Induce Restful Sleep

Each and everyone of us have had our battle with sleepless nights. Tossing and turning not able to get comfortable and we wind up falling asleep only a few hours before we have to wake up. This can be caused by any number of things including; stress, diet, and most of all the quality of […]

by admin January 17, 2013
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