Tips for Sleeping in a Tent

Most people are used to sleeping indoors in the comfort of their own bed. Camping lets you spend the night in remote places and take a break from the luxurious comforts of home. Next time you’re planning on sleeping outdoors, keep these tips in mind:


Get the Right Bedding

There are a number of bedding options available for tent camping. Whatever product you do end up choosing, make sure it packs small and inflates comfortably. This keeps you off the hard ground and gives you the freedom to adjust firmness. Pillows can make all the difference when it comes to staying snug in your car or tent, and a makeshift pillow can be made by stuffing extra clothes inside a T-shift.

Manage Noise

While some campers love to the let sounds of nature lull them to sleep, others have trouble sleeping through the chirping of insects throughout the night. If you area  light sleeper, ear plugs are essential when sleeping outdoors. They’re small, cheap and disposable and should be used whenever you plan on sleeping somewhere new.

Control the Temperature

Even in the summer, temperatures can drop to chilly points during the night, especially in higher elevations. Scout your destination’s weather report ahead of time to make sure your sleeping bag is made for the right temperature. If necessary, sleeping bag liners can add up to 25 degrees of warmth.

Keep it Dry

Sleeping in a tent is made much worse if half of your body is in a puddle of water. Don’t risk getting wet by bringing a waterproof tarp when camping. Tarps can also be made into a canopy, used as a layer under your tent to keep water from seeping through the seams, and can even be thrown over the top of your tent for added protection again rain.

by admin April 14, 2014