Back to School Blowout at Mattresses For Less


As most parents know, back to school shopping can get expensive.

“In Houston, pricey additions to back-to-school lists have inflated the cost of supplies. A recent Deloitte survey estimated that local shoppers will spend an average of $623 on classroom items, clothes, electronics and computers this season. That is higher than the national average.”

AMFL-Back2School-2017-1000x500s a family-run business, Mattresses For Less is no stranger to back to school season and understands the chaos of getting binders, pens, backpacks to properly prepare the kids for the new school year.

Mattresses For Less is here to help parents shop for back to school supplies with a Back To School Blowout sale:

Buy any premium mattress at $1999 or more and receive a $300 gift card for scMFL-Back2School-2017-160x600bhool clothes and supplies for the kids! See store for details. Cannot be combined with other offers.

With the school year starting back up again, it’s time to get supplies. That’s why Mattresses for Less will GIVE you a $300 gift card just for shopping with us.

Start your children’s school year off right by giving them the proper school supplies and maybe even a new mattress. Or better yet, keep the mattress for yourself and enjoy sleeping on one of our high-quality, luxurious mattress, featuring brand names like Serta, BeautyRest and iComfort.

Fall Asleep Fast

Fall Asleep Fast

                Falling asleep quickly is almost everyone’s wish.  How about a full night of restful and comfortable sleep with no tossing or turning.  How many of you are constantly fluffing that pillow or feel restless when you lay down?  Unfortunately this blog will not answer the age old question of how to fall sleep quickly but we can offer some great advice.23

The first and most basic step is acquiring a comfortable mattress.  There are numerous types of mattresses so it is best to do your research and find the one that fits your preferences.  The days of choosing between a hard or soft mattress are gone.  The home bedroom market is full of different products and materials.  This is why it’s important to do your research as well as view our website.  Why do we say that?  Mattresses For Less just doesn’t pick any mattress to sell.  We do our own research into the product making sure the product works as advertised and that its cost is proportionate with its consumer value.  Here are a few mattresses that have great prices and reviews:

Once you find a comfortable mattress be strict about going to bed on time.  For example, get into bed Monday through Friday at 10:30 pm and envision your falling asleep at 10:45 every night.  Eventually your body will get use to this routine and automatically tell itself that it’s time to sleep.  One other small tip is moving your mobile phone away from the nightstand.  You will be surprised how many people feel flustered that they can’t fall asleep and feel like they need to make use of this time.  They will grab their phone and check their email and social media.  It’s best to leave it until the morning.sert

Restful sleep is within your grasp.  It just takes some new tools and patience.  We can ensure you that once you feel a full night’s sleep you will be glad you spent your time, energy, and money to achieve it.

Get Your Bed Winter-Ready

W-i-n-t-e-r, now say it with me. Winter. Yes, the season is upon us for bone-chilling days. Though the penetrating frost may not stick around the whole duration, Houstonians are familiar with the fickle weather that just can’t seem to make up it’s mind. When the radiating heat subsides and the nights get longer, that’s your cue to trade in your thin bedding for something a little more cozy and insulating.

The goal here is to not only provide you with a warm and restful bed, but to also, hopefully (fingers crossed) save some green when it comes to your energy bill. Anyone can turn up the heat, but it is time to think about making your room more comfortable by keeping the cold out and the heat in with these tips that can help you warm up your bedroom without breaking the bank:

First Layer:

The key to being “snug as a bug in a rug” is starting with a good mattress pad. Now, considering your geographical location, one night you might experience the bleak chill from good ol’ Mother Nature, and the next you may break out in a sweat and want to turn the fan on. With that being said, a wool mattress pad is a great way to go. Wool repels dust mites and other allergens, making it ideal for year-round snoozes. Wool also insulates to keep you warm on cold nights, and keeps out moisture to keep you nice and cool in the southern heat.

Change Your Linens:

When it comes to staying warm this season, don’t overlook the role your sheets play. We all know the comfort of falling asleep in our favorite fleece hoody. You can have that same satisfaction without the restrictions with a set of performance fleece sheets to bundle up in. Another luxurious alternative are super-soft Microplush sheets. They are inevitably comfortable and keep you nice and warm on the coolest of nights.

Layer Up:

As you sleep your body temperature drops, therefore you will need to be cool enough to fall asleep, yet comfortably warm enough that you are not interrupting your sleep-cycle by waking up and reaching for more blankets. Be sure to trade out your light, summer quilt for a wool, down, or synthetic filled comforter. You can even trade your cotton duvet cover for a flannel, or microplush one to warm up your sleeping quarters immediately. Don’t just add another blanket atop of your current one, it will just add weight and not warmth.

Finishing Touches:

Now that your bed is coming together and I’m sure it’s inviting you on in for a nap right about now, there’s one more thing that some don’t pay much mind to: Pillows. There’s nothing like being encompassed in a warm bed with a plethora of puffy pillows. Throw those puppies in the washing machine, and tumble dry them on low with tennis balls to fluff them right back up. Once you have your pillows dressed and organized on your bed, you can pick a cozy throw blanket to keep at the foot of the bed. This is a nice finishing touch and convenience for those lounging days or night when you don’t want to fully submerge yourself in the comfort of your bedding while watching tv or reading a book.

A good night’s rest is vital when it comes to your health and well-being. While winterizing your bedding, it is always a good idea to keep up with the age and condition of your mattress. Anyone who has been deprived of a good night’s sleep due to an old, warn out mattress will tell you, there is literally nothing like quality rest. At Mattresses For Less they have thousands of trusted name-brands to chose from, and shipping available, so you can make tonight’s sleep the best yet.



How Sleep Cures Acne

So, it’s back to school time and you want to look your best. You didn’t get a great night’s sleep last night, but that’s okay. Then, upon checking your face in the mirror, you notice you’re starting to have some bumps and discoloration, and suddenly you come to the realization that you’ve broken out. That’s okay, it happens to all of us. But, is there something you can do to fix the problem?

Well, yes, just get better sleep. It may not seem that way, but a lack of quality sleep can have a profound impact on the state of your skin. For example, the lack of quality sleep causes your body to release cytokines, a hormone that tells your cells to create proteins that cause inflammation. This can massively complicate your acne situation.

Another chemical effect of the lack of a good night’s sleep is that your body will build a resistance to insulin. Insulin is very important to the body’s ability to process sugar. If the body begins to resist it, the resulting sugar buildup will cause a breakout of acne.

We all know that sleep is massively important to your body’s ability to heal itself. Sleep is when your body turns in on itself and makes repairs, realigns all of your systems, and ensures that everything is on line and ready to take on a new day. That includes the skin, and damaged skin can be a breeding ground for the bacteria that leads to acne.

The last factor we’ll look at in this equation is the fact that a lack of quality sleep causes stress. We’ve all been there. One bad night’s sleep can make everything that happens to you during the day feel like the end of the world, and unfortunately that’s not the end of it. When you nervous system senses the stress, every pattern in your body goes haywire. That includes telling large numbers of cells to release toxins. These toxins, unsurprisingly can lead to acne.

There is no question that sleep affects every part of our physical state, but often, it is hard to quantify how much and in how many ways. The simple fact is that everyone needs to set themselves up for success by getting the best night’s sleep possible. To do that, you have got to get to Mattresses 4 Less. They have an incredible collection of top notch bedding to help you get the best, most rejuvenating sleep possible.


Disposing of Your Mattress

Buying a beautiful brand new mattress at Mattresses for Less is always incredibly exciting as well as one of the best decisions you can make. But what do you plan on doing with your old mattress once the new one arrives? Are you just going to throw it away? That has increasingly been the answer for hundreds of thousands of Houstonians every single year. As a result, Houston has a Texas-sized problem on their hands.

Everyone can agree that you don’t mess with Texas. And yet, thanks to the high volume of mattresses being disposed of every year, we have quite a big mess on our hands. Local dumps take in more than 600,000 used mattresses every year, causing a crisis of space for Houston’s landfills.

This is also beginning to have a serious effect on the environment. With each mattresses taking up about 32 cubic feet, multiplied by 600,000 per year, it’s easy to see why. Without immediate action, this issue could reach the tipping point and begin to seriously affect the lives of everyone in our community. Luckily, a solution is already currently in the works.

As one of the city’s leading mattress retailers, Mattresses for Less recognizes this problem and is ready to take action. They realize that if this situation is not addressed quickly and decisively, it can have serious ramifications for the whole community. To that end, Mattresses for Less is developing a solution that will benefit not just the environment, but their valued customers as well. If you are in the market for a new mattress, visit one of their five Houston area locations, and get a deal on a new bed that is not only good for the environment, but good for your wallet as well!

The Evolution of the Mattress

When you look at the vast selection of mattresses available at a mattress store, you probably don’t think much of the variety since thats what you have come to expect. In this day and age we have gotten used to the innovations in mattress technology that make our beds so incredibly comfortable. We are so used to comfortable mattresses that most of us take for granted the fact that things weren’t always this way. Mattresses have come a long way since man first got the idea to not sleep directly on the ground.

The idea of mattresses goes back as far as 10,000 years ago during the Neolithic period. Primitive, cave-dwelling humans, following a Flintstonian line of logic, used large rocks covered in animal skin and grass to sleep on. When there were no raised rocks to rest, sleeping on the ground on top of animal skins was also a popular option. From there, at sometime around 3,000 BCE, Egyptian royalty began the practice of purposely raising their beds off of the ground. Pharaoh Tutankhamen owned a raised bed made of ebony and gold. At this point it was only the royals and possibly some highborn people that had the luxury of an actual bed. Most people at this time were still sleeping on piles of reeds.

It wasn’t until the Roman empire that we see actual stuffed luxury mattresses. Still owned exclusively by the upper echelons of society, these mattresses were stuffed with cotton, feathers, and reeds and usually sat upon beds of precious metal. Some scholars believe that the water bed was also created by the Romans, although there is still some debate on the matter.

With the path laid by the Roman empire, the Renaissance period pioneered on and improved on the Roman model. This is the first period in time when people began to consider what material their mattress was made of, not just what it was stuffed with. They first stuffed a coarse sack full of straw and feathers and proceeded to wrap it in velvet or silk. And thus, silk sheets were created. These mattresses were typically raised on wooden frames, held together by leather straps. This innovation provided to the common people not only raised people above the ground away from the disease infested pests that often resided on their floors, but also heavily prevented harmful mold from growing.

In the 18th century, the cast iron bed as well as the cotton mattress made their first appearances. People began to experiment a bit more on what worked best as mattress filling. Horsehair and coconut fibers were often used in addition to wool and cotton. These new mattresses were also a less attractive space for bugs and other pests. Up until this time bugs were an occupational hazard when it came to sleep so this was a very important innovation.

The next large step in the evolution in mattresses didn’t occur until 1865 when the technology for the first coil spring mattress was patented. The patent was originally used for cushions in chair seats but was soon after transfered to mattresses. Also in the late 19th century, a design for a modern water bed was introduced and was used in hospitals to prevent and treat the formation of ulcers.

The 20th century provided a boom in mattress technology beginning in the 1930’s with the innerspring mattress. Many of the innovations in the 20th century stem from the chemical advancements from WWII. The most common material developed from these advancements is polyurethane foam. It wasn’t until the 50’s that foam mattresses hit the market and became popular. With the development of vinyl, the 60’s ushered in the modern water bed which was very popular until the late 1900’s ushered in pillow-top, pocket spring, adjustable, and air mattresses. Memory foam was developed by NASA in the 60’s but did not become commercially popular until the 90’s.

These days there are too many different variations of popular mattress designs to even count. Just as we as a species has evolved, our emphasis of the importance of comfort has evolved with us. The choices that are currently available to you when you’re shopping for mattresses are numerous and they can all be found in one place: Mattresses for Less. Come get your new mattress at Mattresses for Less and after they deliver it the same day and haul away your old mattress, once you lay down to go to sleep, think about how far mattresses have come and how glad you are to not be sleeping on a rock.

The Do's and Don'ts of Going to Sleep

In the past we have discussed several different sleep disorders that are relatively common and usually prevent the victim from achieving a full and healthy night’s sleep. These conditions can clearly lead to stress, exhaustion, and a much more vulnerable immune system since your body needs sleep to function 100% properly. However, you don’t necessarily need to have a sleep disorder to suffer from an incomplete or poor nights sleep. There are several habits that people adopt and get used to that, unbeknownst to them, act as inhibitors to a healthy amount of sleep. Here is a friendly list of things to avoid when going to bed, as well as a few pointers on pre-sleep activities that will aide your sleep process.


Within 2 hours of laying down to go to sleep you should avoid eating a large meal of any kind.  Eating anything hearty, especially spicy foods, can potentially cause discomfort and heartburn when you lay down to sleep which will keep you awake for longer than desirable. Also, eating a large meal before bed will force your digestive tract to work while your going to sleep which might not inhibit you from getting to sleep but it could very possibly affect the quality of sleep you get and the amount of times you wake up a night. It is also a good idea to avoid drinking anything right before bed to avoid late night bathroom trips that interrupt sleep.

Try to train your body to want to sleep at a certain hour by keeping a regular sleep schedule. By going to bed and waking up at roughly the same time every day, your body will eventually get used to this schedule and naturally feel tired and ready for sleep when you want it to, and alert and rested when you wake up. In this same vein, you should develop a pre-bed routine that will help you wind down and relax so you can slip off to sleep more quickly.

Watching TV or using your computer right before you go to bed is a bad habit to fall into. The flashing images on a backlit screen strain your eyes and provide an excess amount of mental stimulation that can often make it difficult to fall asleep. If you don’t give your brain an opportunity to wind down a bit before bed you may very possible end up staring at your ceiling for a time before you can get to sleep. Give yourself at least 30 minutes of visual-stimulant-free time before bed so you can drift off easier.

Make sure your room is at the right temperature before bed. The temperature in your bedroom will directly affect the amount and quality of sleep you are likely to achieve. It is a matter of opinion, but most people prefer to have their rooms a bit colder than the rest of the house. The slight drop in temperature in the bedroom allows you the opportunity to better utilize your blanket or comforter to warm yourself which is usually tends to be very soothing and makes it easy to fall right to sleep.

If you are a person who is inclined to take a nap during the day, this could be affecting the quality of sleep you are getting during the night. Taking naps during the day is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, millions of people take naps every day and are fine. The problem lies with taking naps that last longer than 30 minutes to an hour. Getting an excessive amount of rest during the day can confuse your body and make it feel like it doesn’t need rest when the time comes to go to bed. If napping is an activity that you enjoy, try to keep your naps before the evening and within the range of an hour or so in order to avoid a late night struggle.

One of the main problems that people with unsatisfactory sleeping habits experience is trying to sleep on an old, uncomfortable mattress. This seems obvious but you might be surprised the denial people go through in order to avoid the seemingly tedious process of replacing a mattress. Luckily for these people, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Mattresses for Less makes the process, from shopping to shipping, more simple than they could imagine. You don’t even need to leave your computer!

Just go to and browse their massive inventory of the newest, most comfortable beds available. Once you decide on your mattress you can place you order and it will be delivered to your home the same day! Don’t settle for an uncomfortable mattress because enjoying the place you sleep is the number one “Do” if you wish to achieve your full sleep potential.

The Many Uses of Memory Foam

Whenever it is mentioned that memory foam was designed by NASA, the image that seems to come to mind is an astronaut sleeping comfortably on a memory foam mattress while orbiting earth in a space station. But, upon some quick research, one will realize that the astronauts never slept on memory foam in space, but instead it was used in the cushions of their seats to absorb the impact of the extreme gravity during takeoff and landing. The creators of memory foam merely realized the potential for the springy foam material and included NASA in their marketing efforts in order to appear high-tech and futuristic. Knowing this, one can’t help but wonder what else we don’t know about this springy substance. What other uses are there for this innovative material?

Medical Uses

When patients in hospitals are forced to be immobile in bed for extended periods of time, regular hospital beds would often cause complications. The rigidness of an average mattress, when laid upon for a lengthy frame of time, would cause bedsores and even gangrene in patients. The introduction of memory foam mattresses into hospitals significantly reduced these symptoms in bedridden patients. Memory foam is also utilized in wheelchair cushions, stabilizers for broken or fractured bones, and, due to its heat retention properties, therapy for patients with neck or back injuries. Memory foam can be molded into any shape so its uses in the medical field are vast.

Active Uses 

Once the price of memory foam dropped enough for it to be widely commercially distributed, more and more activities have been finding uses for the substance. For instance, if you are a professional race car driver who is sitting in a driver’s seat for hours on end, you’re going to want to sit on a shock absorbant substance to reduce debilitating back pain. Memory foam can be used in an array of sports, both traditional and extreme, as a high-tech padding for safety equipment. Football helmets have begun to use composite pads that utilize memory foam technology to remain rigid enough to keep tight to the body but still absorb a great deal of shock. The use of memory foam in helmets can also be extended to bicycle and skateboard helmets since the same need is met. For marathon bicyclists, a memory foam seat will keep them much more comfortable and therefore willing to go farther distances. The military also utilizes memory foam padding for heavy vests and backpacks to cause less strain on the troops carrying them.

Traditional Uses

Although memory foam is such a versatile substance, the arena in which it is used most affectively is still in the bedroom. Since the temper material retains heat, it is a perfect therapy for erasing the basic aches and pains that arise from strenuous day-to-day life. It assists with proper alignment of your spine resulting in ideal conditions for a perfect nights sleep. The use of memory foam pillows can actually aide sleep apnea by elevating the head to the correct position. If there was ever a time to switch from a regular mattress to a memory foam, the sooner the better. Do your body a favor and invest in one of these mattresses, especially if you are a victim of any chronic pains. A great place to start shopping is since they have  a huge selection of memory foam mattresses all at great prices. Your mattress is the piece of furniture you spend the most time on, wouldn’t it make sense for it to be as comfortable as possible?

War on Dust Mites

Now that the seasons are once again changing, people waking up with stuffy sinuses and allergic symptoms are simply attributing them to the start of summer.  Although this could be part of the reason for these reactions, there could be a more sinister explanation. Dust mites are a major cause of allergic reactions in the home and their favorite place of residence is in mattresses and pillows, where you spend a large chunk of your day. Most people are aware that dust mites are disgusting and are a hinderance on your health, but many may not know what exactly they do or how to keep them away from where you sleep. Note: This is not meant to scare anyone but to inform you of how to deal with this very common problem.

Dust mites are tiny bugs that thrive in humid, moist areas. They survive on dander from human skin and excrete a substance called Der p1, a very potent allergen. People sensitive to this allergen experience sinus headaches, itchy eyes, sneezing, fatigue, and even depression. The dust that accumulates in your mattress and pillows are contaminated with dust mite feces and are often the cause of these early morning allergic reactions.

The favorite hangout for dust mites, as mentioned before, is your bed. More specifically though, dust mites tend to thrive in coil or spring mattresses. The reason for this is the inner section of a spring mattress acts as a perfect space for dust mites to survive and multiply. The body heat that you provide acts as an incubator where mite feces and dead skin cells accumulate. This warm environment also often causes mildew and mold to grow which is often the reason your mattress will gain weight from the time that you first purchased it. Dust mites also reproduce at an extreme rate, making the problem exponentially worse the longer it is ignored.

Luckily there are several things you can do to prevent, or at least limit, dust mites in your sleeping area. The first and most obvious solution is simple cleanliness. Be sure to wash your pillow cases and bed sheets every week and your comforter at lease once every 2 months. Use warm water when washing your bedding since cold water will not get rid of dust mites. Also, clean your mattress at least once a year, preferably between winter and spring. This will ensure to kill all of the surviving mites from winter which will cripple their numbers going into the hot summer months. The best defense against dust mites, however, is to buy a mattress without an inner cavity within which mites thrive. If you have a latex or memory foam mattress you dont give dust mites an incubated area to multiply and accumulate harmful allergens. Luckily Mattresses for Less has a huge selection of such mattresses, all at very reasonable prices. So don’t make any more excuses for your beat up coil mattress, and instead spring for a new, dust mite-free mattress from Mattresses for Less!

Mattresses for Less Shipping and Delivery

Mattresses For Less knows that not many people have the ability to move a king size bed without a little help. That is why we are offering shipping and delivery solutions for you to get your new sleeping solution home with you. We will be able to set up your bed for you when we deliver it. You pick a time and a place for us to deliver the item, and we will give you a time slot. We will call 40 minute in advance to tell you we are on our way. This gives you some flex when it comes to your situation at home.

Our shipping services are just as wonderful. If you have never see the item you are purchasing, and you bought it online, then you can go through he same process. You card will be billed the day of delivery, and you should expect the same quality and efficiency from this situation as well.

Same Day Mattress Delivery is available on all in stock merchandise. With same day delivery, you will receive a phone call about 40 minutes prior to arrival. Delivery time “windows” are not given with same day delivery.