Recycle Your Old Mattress

The days of your old broken mattress going to the landfill are over.  In fact, 90% of any mattress can be recycled and reused.  Recycling mattresses saves taxpayers money, leads to a better environment, and makes you a reputable citizen.  Different companies can use the materials in bulk for different products that you could see around your home or city.1

You can either drop the mattress off to a designated recycling area or have a company pick it up for you.  Even broken and stained mattresses can be recycled.  Each piece of the mattress benefits a different business or industry.  Its small details like these that help keep local and state level economies healthy and moving.
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It may be surprising but the fabrics, foam, innersprings, and foundation are all recyclable.  Each one of these pieces heads off to be used in other products for commercial or industrial use.  Once you properly recycled your old mattresses were guessing you’re in the market for a new one!

Give yourself the gift of a good night sleep.

You shouldn’t have to look forward to the weekends to get all the sleep you need for the day.  Every night can, in fact, provide a restful night’s sleep.  Our great prices are lower than our competitors and that’s not even including our amazing deals and sales.  Buy yourself a Christmas gift that will keep you happy every day for years to come.

Take advantage of our Beautyrest Black Mattress sale and add a little black to your Christmas – in a great way!  We have 2015 closeout models for 50% off and you automatically receive a free 43’ television with your purchase.  Luxury mattresses and combinations of comfort and technology.  Memory foam helps dissipate heat from the mattress for a more climate controlled sleep.   Shop this special sale now to maximize your dollar.   2

If you’re looking for a less expensive mattress but by a reputable company, then view the Serta Perfect Sleeper.  The Perfect Sleeper comes in different ranges but offers a patented sleep design with all of them.  This mattress is especially popular with people who like a firmer mattress.

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Make Your Resolution Count: Good Sleep Connected to Weight Loss

New Year’s is quickly approaching and we’ve been talking about our new year’s resolution.  One common note between all of our resolutions, whether it be to eat healthier or learn a new language. They all require restful uninterrupted sleep!

A restful and thorough sleep recharges your brain and allows you to wake up and feel completely refreshed.  It’s the feeling that when you open your eyes, you’re not automatically thinking about closing them and getting a couple extra minutes.1

That sleep is beneficial for all aspects of your health.  It helps with learning, especially in kids, all the way to losing weight and maintaining a high metabolism.  Sleep not only lets you efficiently tackle your new year’s resolution but it also helps you maintain it.  People who have the energy after work to come home and make a healthy dinner or exercise will maintain their new routine more effectively than those who feel tired and fatigued all the time.

If you order your mattress during the day our same day delivery will you get it to you in time to sleep on it that night?  We offer the best guaranteed prices on the most reputable companies including, Serta, Beautyrest, and Spring Air.

Take Advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

It’s time for the Black Friday Holiday sales and Cyber Monday deals online.  It’s easy to think of getting a new television or computer but what about upgrading your mattress?  Those other things won’t do you any good if you’re always tired!  Be sure bookmark our website to stay tuned on more details on sales.

The great news about these savings is that you don’t need to stand out in the cold rain all night long to get them!  Simply go to our website and order online.  The iSeries Profiles Honoree Super Pillow Top Mattress features a layer of cool action gel memory foam on top.  The memory foam will allow you keep your back aligned through the night.  The cooling gel will make sure you don’t wake up being too warm.  A climate controlled bed offers advantages all year round. 1

If you’re looking for something a little more firm then we highly suggest the Beautyrest Recharge.  A world class mattresses designed for people who prefer a firmer mattress without stiffness in back and side support.  This mattress top-of-the-line mattress is also available at a more affordable price – and that’s before Cyber Monday.

We will have some serious discounted Serta mattresses for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.  Serta remains America’s number one brand and manufacturer.  Our same day delivery policy is still in place for our amazing sales.  And remember, we’ll beat any competitor’s price by 10%!

Make Sleepless Nights a Distant Memory

Memory foam has come to define beds in the 21st century.  It was only a couple decades ago that scientists and industry professionals were looking for a solution to the traditional spring and padding bed.  The solution came in the form of memory foam which help to remedy a litany of common sleep problems.

Memory foam is designed to contour to your body.  This allows relief for your neck, back, and joints.  Sleeping in one comfortable position help’s promote a good night’s sleep.  It will ensure you wake up feeling rested without any aches or pains.  You also won’t be woken in the middle of the night by the tosses and turns of your partner.3

You can view our website for the various memory foam mattresses.  Click on each one to view its specifications and reviews.  We highly recommend the Beautyrest Memory Foam Plus Series 4.5 It combines their exclusive gel support layer plus our AirCool Max Memory Foam.  This combination helps your stay cooler in warmer weather and leads to a more restful sleep.

Remember that we offer free two day on any mattresses! If you already have the Beautyrest Memorary Foam Plus then don’t forget to leave a review of it on our website!

We Had Same Day Delivery before Amazon!

Amazon has recently announced that Prime members receive free same day delivery in select areas.  It looks like they are following the best business practices of ours!  Our same day delivery is available to you every day of the week on any of our products.

Our same day delivery is the definition of convenience.  Our process is simple and effective and we can usually deliver your item on the same day of purchase!  We provide you with a four hour window of delivery and we give you a call 40 minutes before we deliver your item to your front door.  In addition, we’ll gladly haul that old mattress away for free where it will be recycled or donated.  90 percent of every mattress can be recycled.  We strive to keep as many mattresses out of landfills as possible.2

Our same day delivery remains just one aspect of our excellent customer care.  Our 100-Day Comfort Guarantee ensures our customers are happy with their new mattress.  If you’re not sleeping well on your new mattress within the first 100 days of your purchase then give us a call and we’ll help you choose a different mattress.  These benefits, plus our price match guarantee, means that Amazon could never match us!

Our website is full of items that can help you sleep in comfort.  You can even visit the store nearest to you!  Buy your mattress online today and be sleeping easy on it tonight!  Mattresses For Less makes your shopping experience and satisfaction our first priority.

Columbus Day Sale!

Our Columbus Day clearance sale is today!  Buy a Serta Perfect Sleeper Pillow Top Queen until the end of October for only $499!  The Perfect Sleeper is one of the most comfortable and reputable mattress on the market.  It’s specifically designed to address the five most common sleep issues including, snoring and sleep apnea.

In addition to its comfort and technology this mattress is the official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation.  This organization remains at the pinnacle for sleep research and technology.  Their endorsement of the Serta Perfect Sleeper is because the mattresses incorporates new technology on giving you a more comfortable sleep.  Serta has created the ideal mattress for kids needing a good night’s rest before school all the way to adults experiencing difficulties sleeping.Capture

Our $499 price tag is the best ever for a mattress of this magnitude.  In addition to that price, we offer same day delivery and 0% interest on up to 60 months.  You don’t need good credit to sleep great!  The Serta Perfect Sleeper will keep you rested for the next 10 years, covered by Serta’s highly praised manufacturer’s warranty.

Check out the YouTube video for the Serta Perfect Sleeper!  See how the official mattress for the National Sleep Foundation can help you get a better night’s sleep!  Visit our website to make you purchase! You can find the Serta Perfect Sleeper right at the front page.

Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds have come a long way in the past decade with the help of research and science.  Newer adjustable bed designs help sleepers find relief from a myriad of ailments, pains and problems associated with sleeping on an old mattress and frame.  More and more studies are showing the therapeutic effects adjustable beds can have on the body. Adjustable beds remove the one size fits all approach to sleeping and allows each individual to customize to their specifications.

Common sleeping problems are solved with adjustable beds.  For example, an adjustable bed can improve breathing for lung expansion, alleviate back pain, and even offer relief from acid reflex or heartburn.  The relief from these problems means a better night’s sleep and leaving you feeling more energetic throughout the day.  Below is a chart from orthopedist for a better look on why adjustable beds are beneficial.1

In addition to alleviating pain and discomfort, adjustable beds are great for improving your nightly activities like reading and watching TV.  You can lay with your back propped up and not have to worry about hurting your back.  Adjustable beds are quickly becoming preferred by a variety of consumers for their bedrooms.

The health benefits of adjustable mattresses are evident and directly connected to how comfortable and supportive they are for your body.  Sleeping on your back at an incline allows your body to maintain proper circulation and posture while sleeping.

We are Houston’s adjustable bed headquarters! We have by far the largest selection of adjustable beds in the Houston area.  We have over 70 different mattresses and base combinations to choose from.  Our knowledgeable experts and our vast selection allow you to find the mattress perfect for you!

Cooling Gel Mattresses Make Hot Nights a Breeze!

Texas summer weather is almost upon us!  Fans and air conditioners will be running on high throughout summer but you can invest in a new mattress to keep you cool and save some money on your electric bill.  Mattresses for Less offers one of the widest selections of cooling gel mattresses in Texas!  The only thing better than our selection of the major brands is our prices.  Cooling gel mattresses function to regulate your sleep temperature, allowing you to stay comfortable all night long.

The top of layer of the mattress is designed with a cooling micro gel.  The gel has been infused with micro beads that assist the gel in cooling to the touch of your skin.  In addition, the beads are very slow to change temperature.  This means that they will stay cool while you’re lying down.  The relaxing temperature against your skin will make you toss and turn less and let you sleep continuously throughout the night.  A better night’s rest means a more productive work day as well as having energy when your work day ends.  You’ll have plenty of energy to go out with friends or catch a sporting event at the stadium.  You will quickly notice how the gel material works in tandem with the gel beads for extra comfort.  Cooling gel mattresses offer a comfortable solution to our hot Texas nights.  Our website contains plenty of mattresses that can fit your sleep preference perfectly. 0011

When you click on the right mattress for you, remember about our policies!  We’ll beat any price by 10%.  In addition, you don’t need good credit to finance with us.  There’s no reason you should sleep uncomfortably simply because of your credit score.  Once you find that perfect mattress, we’ll have it to you in no time.  We offer same day delivery so you can buy your mattress today and get a restful night’s sleep tonight!  Don’t let the hot Texas weather keep you up all night.

Big Holidays mean Big Savings!

As a consumer you are familiar with seeing ads offering the newest promotions.  The insider truth is that the best time to purchase a mattress is around the holidays.  With that being said, July 4th is right around the corner!  Holiday deals usually mean that it’s almost time for the store to receive new shipments of mattresses and they need to clear out previous models.  These models are still perfectly new but you will have the opportunity to buy them at a fraction of the price.

Remember to compare models because not all firm mattresses will be to your comfort.  In other words, one companies’ firm might be another’s soft.  Once you find the perfect comfort level then start to browse mattresses and explore all the savings! Our savings stretch across all our major brands including the icomfort, iseries, Serta perfect sleeper, Beautyrest, and ComforPedic.  Stores will make sure to bring out all their inventory for July 4th weekend.  This really is the perfect time to buy a new mattress and we highly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity.  People who work in the industry often wait for this time to purchase a mattress!  It’s the perfect time to upgrade your bed or finally fill out that spare bedroom.  Also, when we say these savings are industry wide, we really mean it.  You can find special July 4th savings on linens and comforters as well!123456789

Your linens and mattress will attract wear over time, unlike your box spring.  You don’t need to replace it and can save yourself some money in the long run.  Unless your box spring is visibly broken, then keep it for your new mattress.  Box springs can last much longer than anticipated and if working properly, have no immediate negative effects on your sleep.  Your mattress on the other hand is a much different story!

Take advantage of our July 4th savings and get same day delivery.  Our local owned business can beat any price and deliver you the mattress to help you rest easy.  Visit our website for our newest inventory.