We Had Same Day Delivery before Amazon!

Amazon has recently announced that Prime members receive free same day delivery in select areas.  It looks like they are following the best business practices of ours!  Our same day delivery is available to you every day of the week on any of our products. Our same day delivery is the definition of convenience.  Our […]

by admin October 15, 2015

Columbus Day Sale!

Our Columbus Day clearance sale is today!  Buy a Serta Perfect Sleeper Pillow Top Queen until the end of October for only $499!  The Perfect Sleeper is one of the most comfortable and reputable mattress on the market.  It’s specifically designed to address the five most common sleep issues including, snoring and sleep apnea. In […]

by admin October 12, 2015

Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds have come a long way in the past decade with the help of research and science.  Newer adjustable bed designs help sleepers find relief from a myriad of ailments, pains and problems associated with sleeping on an old mattress and frame.  More and more studies are showing the therapeutic effects adjustable beds can […]

by admin September 29, 2015

Cooling Gel Mattresses Make Hot Nights a Breeze!

Texas summer weather is almost upon us!  Fans and air conditioners will be running on high throughout summer but you can invest in a new mattress to keep you cool and save some money on your electric bill.  Mattresses for Less offers one of the widest selections of cooling gel mattresses in Texas!  The only […]

by admin June 27, 2015

Big Holidays mean Big Savings!

As a consumer you are familiar with seeing ads offering the newest promotions.  The insider truth is that the best time to purchase a mattress is around the holidays.  With that being said, July 4th is right around the corner!  Holiday deals usually mean that it’s almost time for the store to receive new shipments […]

by admin June 22, 2015

Sleeping at Work

With many promotions comes the convenience of having your own office. A quiet place to get your work done or hold important meetings or phone calls without being interrupted.  Like many Americans, you can also opt to catch up on some rest.  Close your office door put on some soft music and close your eyes.  […]

by admin May 29, 2015

Serta Perfect Sleeper is the Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation

A restful night’s sleep is something that everyone desires on a nightly basis.  A number of problems arise from not achieving a good night’s sleep so the scientists at Serta aimed to produce a mattress that would solve the 5 most common sleeping problems. They engineered a mattress that quickly became the official mattress of […]

by admin May 23, 2015

The Beauty of the Beautyrest Recharge Mattress

Beautyrest Mattresses provide support and comfort that lasts for years.  Mattresses For Less currently carries over seven different types of Beautyrest mattresses.  Each one has its own distinct signature that makes that mattress perfect for who is sleeping on it. The new Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid – Georgie Plush Evenloft Mattress has advanced technology that allows […]

by admin April 28, 2015

Pillow Top Mattresses

A restful night’s sleep is fundamental to being productive throughout the day.  If you’re not currently happy with your mattress we highly recommend looking into a pillow top mattress.  The extra plush support and comfort will help you rest peacefully through the night.  You can search for one of our many pillow top mattresses on […]

by admin April 20, 2015

Sleep Habits are Genetic

Your sleep habits may be affected by more than just work, your mattress, and your daily activity.  Doctors have conducted research indicating that genetics may have a much larger role in sleep disorders than previously believed. Circadian rhythms vary between different individuals.  These clocks can run a little shorter than 24 hours and others can […]

by admin April 4, 2015