Serta, iComfort Are Among Best Mattresses, Beds, Brands

Serta Means High Quality Serta is one of the most recognized and top quality brands to both consumers and retailers alike because Serta offers mattresses designed for particular sleep preferences to meet any customer’s needs. Both retailers and consumers alike know they can trust Serta mattresses to suit anyone’s lifestyle, guaranteed. Getting not only the […]

by admin November 10, 2017

Black Friday Sale At Mattresses For Less!

Black Friday Sale! Everyone knows what Black Friday means…Black Friday Sales! Get the best deals of the year and HUNDREDS of dollars off name brands like Serta so that you can sleep on a new mattress this Christmas! Shop special deals and get TOP savings off your mattress, bed and all other kinds of furniture […]

by admin November 2, 2017

FINAL Weekend Sale at Mattresses For Less!

This is the FINAL weekend for you to take advantage of our Hurricane Harvey Relief Sale this weekend, so you can sleep on a brand new Serta mattress sold at cost this weekend ONLY. Our Mission Hurricane Harvey destroyed many homes throughout Houston and southeast Texas, and if you need a mattress replacement this weekend […]

by admin October 26, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Recovery Sale

With the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has caused to the city of Houston and surrounding areas, Houston-owned Mattresses for Less and Landmark Furniture is now offering brand-named, locally-owned, Serta mattresses at cost with no mark-up prices. “We couldn’t do anything to stop the flooding, but we can absolutely help aid in the recovery. We’ve all […]

by admin September 14, 2017

Back to School Blowout at Mattresses For Less

As most parents know, back to school shopping can get expensive. “In Houston, pricey additions to back-to-school lists have inflated the cost of supplies. A recent Deloitte survey estimated that local shoppers will spend an average of $623 on classroom items, clothes, electronics and computers this season. That is higher than the national average.” As […]

by admin August 23, 2017

The Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Do you adjust to your bed or does your bed adjust to you? When we first buy a new car or when you get into a rental vehicle for the first time, the first thing that you do upon sitting in and buckling up is making the proper adjustments to the seat height, distance from […]

by admin April 12, 2017

Tax Refund Season

It’ that time of year again…that’s right, Tax Refund Season! So, maybe you’re not ecstatic about Uncle Sam repaying his debts…unless you are in the market for a new mattress. That’s right, tax refund season is also the start of “mattress season” …the inevitable time of year when local mattress retailers lure you in with […]

by admin March 10, 2017

President’s Day Sales – Are the Savings Real?

Well, President’s Day is coming up and most people are just happy to have three-day weekend. I’m sure that you’ve seen the plethora of President’s Day advertisements from local retailers and are probably wondering if the savings are real, or just a gimmick to get you in the door? Although it may seem like just […]

by admin February 15, 2017

New Year Mattress Discounts

The period after the holidays can sometimes feel like a fire sale as things go on sale. From cars to Christmas decorations retailers around the country, trying to make room for the inventory introduced in the New Year, slash prices on the inventory on hold to make quick sales. Furniture retailers are no different! As […]

by admin January 9, 2017

Use Your Adjustable Bed To Track Your Sleep Cycles

Are you having trouble sleeping? Have you ever wondered or cared about your personal sleep habits? Ever wish you could tell if you’re getting a proper rest or considered investing in wearable technology to track your sleep patterns? You’re not alone. For years now technology has been advancing to create wearables to monitor sleep patterns […]

by admin June 1, 2016