Spring is in The Air

Spring is approaching and it’s almost time to open up all your windows and enjoy the fresh air.  We’ve compiled a list of activities on how to make the most of this spring and to fully embrace the season. Our list will help you redesign your spring style with maximum effort. Nature is blooming and […]

by admin March 25, 2016

Celebrate St. Patty’s Day, Then Sleep It Off!

Thursday the 17th is the long awaited St. Patrick’s Day!  Spend all day (and even weekend) with your family and friends drinking, playing games, and having fun.  St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just for drinking or parties – but it’s mostly for that.  Enjoy the wonderful parades and, of course, the food! All this partying will […]

by admin March 11, 2016

Why So Sleepy?

Humans are supposed to get anywhere from 7 – 8 hours of sleep every night.  This equates to us sleeping for one third of our life.  Sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind especially in children and teenagers.  The National Sleep Foundation surveyed people from 1999 – 2004 and found out at least […]

by admin February 27, 2016

Replace Every Two!

We’re sure you’ve heard about the rule of two for mattresses.  If you haven’t, it refers to replacing old mattresses every eight years which you can do this upcoming leap day!  If you buy a mattresses on the 29th you’ll easily remember this rule two leap days now!  Take advantage of our low prices and […]

by admin February 19, 2016

Could Groundhogs Across America Be Snuggling in for a Longer Winter?

The days are counting down until February 2nd!  If you’re not familiar with the date, it’s Ground Hog Day!  We’ll find out whether winter will last longer this year – and hopefully not!  Even if we’re unlucky and winter continue more into the year, you can still hibernate well into spring with a new mattress […]

by admin January 30, 2016

Recycle Your Old Mattress

The days of your old broken mattress going to the landfill are over.  In fact, 90% of any mattress can be recycled and reused.  Recycling mattresses saves taxpayers money, leads to a better environment, and makes you a reputable citizen.  Different companies can use the materials in bulk for different products that you could see […]

by admin January 20, 2016

Give yourself the gift of a good night sleep.

You shouldn’t have to look forward to the weekends to get all the sleep you need for the day.  Every night can, in fact, provide a restful night’s sleep.  Our great prices are lower than our competitors and that’s not even including our amazing deals and sales.  Buy yourself a Christmas gift that will keep […]

by admin December 20, 2015

Make Your Resolution Count: Good Sleep Connected to Weight Loss

New Year’s is quickly approaching and we’ve been talking about our new year’s resolution.  One common note between all of our resolutions, whether it be to eat healthier or learn a new language. They all require restful uninterrupted sleep! A restful and thorough sleep recharges your brain and allows you to wake up and feel […]

by admin December 17, 2015

Take Advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

It’s time for the Black Friday Holiday sales and Cyber Monday deals online.  It’s easy to think of getting a new television or computer but what about upgrading your mattress?  Those other things won’t do you any good if you’re always tired!  Be sure bookmark our website to stay tuned on more details on sales. […]

by admin November 22, 2015

Make Sleepless Nights a Distant Memory

Memory foam has come to define beds in the 21st century.  It was only a couple decades ago that scientists and industry professionals were looking for a solution to the traditional spring and padding bed.  The solution came in the form of memory foam which help to remedy a litany of common sleep problems. Memory […]

by admin October 29, 2015